Welcome to Allerona Art Adventures, art and art residency programs in picturesque Allerona, a medieval hilltop village situated on the borders of Umbria and Tuscany. Located 20 minutes from Orvieto and 90 minutes north of Rome, Allerona is the perfect base for exploring Central Italy and finding inspiration for your creative efforts. Our art classes and workshops are designed to train and nurture the aspiring artist and cultivate and enhance the output of the accomplished artist.

Come to Allerona, inspire your creativity and create your finest work!


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A wonderful place to take inspiration for your works.

Discover wonderful places in Umbria, Tuscany and Latium.

Marino Moretti, ceramics

An art school in the medieval village of Allerona

Do you want to study painting or sculpture, ceramic, fresco painting technique, cooking, or simply read a book immersed in a tranquil, magical atmosphere? The Associazione Amici di Allerona (Friends of Allerona), which organizes artistic and cultural activities in Allerona, presents Allerona Art Adventures, directed by Estelle Tieman. Allerona Art Adventures are two week intensive summer courses in painting (oil, watercolor, and acrylics), sculpture (clay, wood and other materials), stained glass, photography and traditional Italian cooking. Allerona Art Adventures invites students of all ages to refine their artistic techniques while working in an environment rich in natural beauty and traditional Umbrian culture. The courses are taught by qualified professionals and national and international artists. Participation in courses does not require prior experience, and each student will work closely with his or her course leader. Works from all art students will be featured in an art exhibit during July and August. Classes are held in bright classrooms in the center of the village and in the outbuildings of the gorgeous Liberty-style Villa Cahen, set in the wooded hills above Allerona.

Allerona is a small medieval village located in the region of Umbria, nears its border with Tuscany and Lazio. Allerona and its environs are rich with architectural surprises, breathtaking landscapes, and unique gastronomic specialties. Our corner of Umbria has managed to preserve its pristine natural heritage and tranquility, and presents outstanding opportunities for touristic and cultural discoveries. Allerona is perched on a hill, and overlooks a rural landscape that gives way to some of the most beautiful villages of Italy, including Pienza, Città della Pieve, Civita di Bagnoregio, and Orvieto, all of which have served as inspiration for great artists, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to the present day. Quiet and peaceful, yet with easy access to the best of Central Italy’s cultural offerings, the village of Allerona and Allerona Art Adventures offers artists of all skill levels the opportunity to relax, think, dream and create.